"The present is the only time that any of us have to be alive - to know anything - to perceive - to learn - to act - to change - to heal ".


Jon Kabat-Zinn
Life is right now!

About the trainer

Lelia Spada is a 56 year old mother of two children with more than 30 years of cross functional business experience. She has a Bachelors Degree in Demographic Statistics with a Minor in Sociology and a Masters Degree in Economics Statistics.

She started working at a young age, gaining experience in the fields of Manufacturing, Management, Sales and Marketing, Learning and Development and Global Business Development in cross-cultural environments.  Ad hoc projects have exposed her to ‘Generation Y’, generational factor and social dynamics in the work environment.

About twelve years ago, as part of her learning and development process, she became a Business Motivational Coach (Lore Institute). Today, these skills have been further enhanced and applied in her work with groups, families and individuals.

An active and enthusiastic learner, Lelia connects easily with people, enjoys social work, is a nature lover and is actively involved in sports. She has practiced Yoga since her teens and due to a physical injury in 2008, she became interested in the application of Pilates in the rehabilitation process. This led to her becoming a Polestar Associate delivering related training and coaching.

It was also at this time that Lelia began her involvement in Mindfulness under the guidance of the Bangor University Mindfulness Training Team.

As she embraced Mindfulness in her life, she decided to start the process of  becoming  a Mindfulness trainer and facilitator through the  MBSR and teacher training programmes (TTR1 and TTR2). Today, Lelia is part of the Mindfulness MBSR network of international practitioners. She regularly attends   conferences and other related professional development programmes such as those held by the Center for Mindfulness Research and Practice, CMRP,  in 2013, 2015 and the International Conference on Mindfulness in Amsterdam in July 2018.

In 2013, Lelia joined ‘.b ‘ Programme Teacher Training course, Mindfulness in School Organizations, in  UK.  And in 2015, followed it up with her participation in the ‘.b ‘ Foundations Programme for Teachers and School Staff.

At the same time, Lelia aligned herself with the founder and the core team of Breathworks. This innovative Mindfulness-based approach was developed in order to help people suffering from stress and chronic pain. It is in this particular application of Mindfulness, Lelia has found her mission as person and trainer in the Breathworks approach and in the recently developed Mindfulness Self-Compassion, MSC program.

In several countries such the UK, Mindfulness Based programmes such as Stress Reduction and Cognitive Therapy are offered within the National Health Service’s portfolio.  In the last 8 years, Lelia has delivered Mindfulness courses to specific target groups – from individuals to teen age students, sports teams and corporate clients, among them : UBALL Basketball Club, Estonia Sports Academy, Cisco, Nike and currently in the International School in Hilversum, ISH. 

Lelia teaches in The Netherlands, Italy and, when necessary remotely via video system platforms.



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